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African Union

Economically, the African Union has established five distinct Regional Economic Communities for Africa. We have identified them with our color coded map below. Be advised, we have integrated the Africa Stabilization Initiative (ASI) to engage the growing regional economic communities. Importantly, these regional communities often cooperate with various international organizations. Hence, the Africa Stabilization Initiative (ASI) is designed for the African Union to achieve greater economic integration among African countries which reinforces international trade.

Soul Free Group and the RIM of Nations have pledged to establish the Africa Stabilization Initiative (ASI) Trust Fund. This creates several building blocks for the African Union (AU) to thrive in the near future.


Northern Region


Eastern Region


Southern Region


Central Region


Western Region

Our initiative is based on the concept of sustainable development. Sustainable development is the organizing principle for sustaining resources necessary to provide for the needs of future generations of life on the planet. It is a process that envisions a desirable future state for human societies in which living conditions and resource-use continue to meet human needs without undermining the "integrity, stability and beauty" of natural biotic systems. Centuries of political and human rights abuses have increasingly jeopardized the standard of living in Africa which accelerates global warming.

Therefore, our Africa Stabilization Initiative will focus on the integration of agriculture, energy, environment protection, infrastructure, economics, business, politics, culture and architecture to improve the quality of life in Africa and establish a dynamic system to address climate change.

Currently, the Northern Region is paving the way with its Nile Basin Initiative and New Suez Canal. Also, the African Development Bank Group has committed to Africa’s socio-economic advancement by making it a primary function to make loans and equity investments to Africa’s regional member countries. The bank also provides technical assistance for development projects and programs to promote investment of public and private capital for development.

Our Africa Stabilization Initiative ensures the development of Africa’s economic, social and cultural potential. Moreover, ASI continues to create new roads for political cooperation. Furthermore, ASI is establishing a common currency market for African nations to accelerate annual GDP productivity. We are providing quarterly updates of our progress which maximizes economic potential. Meanwhile, we continue seeking for cooperation in the African Parliament to serve with our capacity.

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