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Far East Peninsula

The geopolitical process of denuclearization on the Far East Peninsula has utterly shattered US overseas ambitions with Korean nationals. Moreover, the process of a peaceful Korean unification is diminishing from ongoing military tensions with multi-national US Armed Forces Command Groups also known as military coalitions. Furthermore, an atrocious connection with US military forces and the Hong Kong based 14K Triad gang in America has expanded throughout Oceania. The 14K Triad is the largest drug trafficking gang in South East Asia. Thus, it is inevitable for the US to ignite a nuclear conflict from its military pivot to Asia in 2012. Meanwhile, growing socio-economic threats from the US trade war has entangled the denuclearization process.

Truthfully, the military climate in the Far East is increasingly hostile. The US is forcing its regional allies to pay for the transport of heavy artillery which include: strategic bombers, aircraft carriers and submarines. In fact, the US is upgrading its THAAD missile defense system in South Korea to support long-term delivery of US arms to Taiwan. Maliciously, the US military pivot in Asia deploys nuclear parity situations for both Russia and China. Distinctively, Russia and China have a historical relationship which actually established the Far East Peninsula. Hence, a new nuclear arms race exist surrounding the Far East Peninsula and Western Bush-o-nomics! This demonstrates the urgency for a unified Far East Peninsula. Let’s take a closer look...

The Far East Peninsula allows for expansion of recently deepened Sino-Russian ties. Furthermore, the Far East Peninsula creates economic expansion throughout the geo-political Pacific Rim territory. This creates greater opportunities for both the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Eurasian Economic Union global initiatives. Furthermore, the Great Asian Trio (economic pact) has submerged in the region from climate control. In order to maximize these amazing situations, Russia and China must bring an ending to US military occupation in Asia and abroad.

Willfully, former South Korean President Park Geun-hye demonstrated a clear new path forward citing the Creative Economy Initiative. Intensely, this initiative allows the Far East Peninsula to drive ahead with a vigorous and diverse economy in the midst of western global economic mayhem! Former President Park stated, "the best way to predict the future is to map out your own future."

Accordingly, restructuring the Far East Peninsula into a new Federation (or such) maximizes the diversified culture which exists in the Far East. Thus, political reform becomes a joyful experience instead of an exhausting chore. Actually, Federations often emerge from an initial agreement between separate states to solve mutual problems and to provide for mutual defense. Also, Federations are utilized to create a national state for an ethnicity spread over several states or large region. Hence, it is likely that a new Federation on the Far East Peninsula emerges from the denuclearization process.

A new Federation can be easily formed by inaugurating a new Constitutional Monarch. This allows a new leader with Sino-Russian military ties to retain power in the newly formed Far East Federation. The Constitutional Monarch will serve as the “eternal ruler” which will resemble China's Communist Party rule. Moreover, an elected President will have executive power over a new National Assembly!

Meanwhile, Vietnam's Ministry of Defense must intervene in the US military pivot to Asia with several political, socio-economic and military events from the South China Sea to balance escalating nuclear tensions. These events empower the Far East Peninsula to strive towards economic prosperity peacefully while transitioning overseas US bases into farmland. Moreover, the Far East Peninsula must focus on establishing socio-economic policies with regards to the denuclearization process such as the following:

Be advised: The Far East Peninsula bolsters Russia’s and China’s joint space mission which includes major technological developments for a universal asteroid defense system. Moreover, additional opportunities stem from the Creative Economy Initiative from the developing Sea-Level Space Technique used to build a new 3-Dimensional Space Grid. Hence, the Far East Peninsula is able to propell from light industry production into space-age research and development.

Pilot your wealth with our quarterly reports of new economic opportunities and news that arise from the Korean denuclearization process. Meanwhile, keep your attention focused to the Far East as we move beyond the socio-economic stagnation left behind the announced US military pivot to Asia.

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