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Latin Pacific Trade Council

Latin America recognizes that organized crime and international terrorism pose as the biggest threats to the global economy. Thus, over the past several years of US led monetary easing policy the intelligence community of law enforcement agencies throughout Latin America have successfully organized to establish the Latin Pacific Trade Council (LATPACT). The Council is currently headquartered in Tijuana, Mexico.

Recent Activities

LATPACT actually bonds Latin America to the global economy with economic ties along the Pacific Rim. Politically motivated organized crimes such as the new Islamic State have created major economic hurdles and challenges in Latin America and across the globe. Thus, information warfare is a key component in stabilizing global socio-economic conditions. LATPACT is currently establishing vital information channels throughout Latin America.

Political Spotlight: Brazil’s fight against organized crimes

It is important that Brazil promotes a culturally enriched Latin America throughout the world. This is especially true along the Pacific Rim. Thus, Brazil plays a vital role in the current information warfare that is now raging across the Pacific Rim. LATPACT is analyzing with Brazil the social networks throughout Latin America that have links to organized crimes. This helps build a strong economic community along the Pacific Rim.

Goals and Objectives

LATPACT has set several goals to achieve our objective of establishing a strong Latin American economic community along the Pacific Rim. Here are just a few of them below:

These goals and objectives arms LATPACT with establishing a new South-American-Africa Economic Community (SAA Pact). The SAA Pact has tremendous opportunities awaiting with its culturally enriched society.


Latin America continues to blossom with opportunities for economic and social development. Thus, it is important that we integrate our mission with various organizations such as BRICS Pact, Eurasian Economic Union, Shanghai Cooperation Organization and ASEAN-FEALAC Cooperation.

Furthermore, Venezuela provides an extraordinary opportunity from investment cooperation based on joint energy projects with primary concern for the development of oil and gas deposits. This also stimulates the current trend for new research in biodiversity. Thus, LATPACT is perfectly capable of establishing a prosperous Latin American Economic Community along the Pacific Rim.

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