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Military Alliance Program (M.A.P.)

The purpose of our Military Alliance Program (M.A.P.) is to meet the demands of Global Security and Economic Prosperity for our public civil society. Globalization demands a diversified arena of exchanges which all need financial, cultural and environmental protection... forever! We offer members of the United Armed Forces Community our H.I.S.T.E.A.M.S. macro-economic services which allows members to create and manage their own wealth while providing superior services to our world. We have several means to demonstrate our potential with our committment to the Eurasian Economic Union, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BRICS Pact, LATPACT and the CSTO!

Collective Security Treaty Organization

We are currently addressing the current US led FOREX scandal which was created to ignite anarchy in many parts of the world. Currently, our use of military force involves Cold War 2. Meanwhile, China has effectively introduced the New Silk Road Economic Belt which leads to Europe from Asia. The New Silk Road is a featured socio-economic network of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) which is secured by the CSTO.

We are preparing to invest 10 billion USD to CSTO members to establish new State-Owned Eurasian Economic Centers throughout each member’s state. We envision every nation satisfying their strategic plans through joint efforts to both create and manage wealth. Lack of adequate economic security plans is the biggest lure for today’s terrorist activities. Thus, the Military Alliance Program not only serves as a life preserver for businesses in our cities and towns but it becomes a healthy economic vessel for the global economy.

Neither our hearts nor souls can deny the value of fine cultural arts facilities! The added attraction of an Eurasian Economic Center creates more financial benefits by serving as a recognized tourist attraction for visitors traveling along the New Silk Road. This actually promotes our Military Alliance Program throughout the tourism industry.

We will integrate our Military Alliance Program with CSTO members by offering our 10 billion USD - Rim of Nations Trust Fund to every member in the near future. We aim to ignite our global economic security packaged plan in response to the current western led ring of terror. We will showcase the progress of our Military Alliance Program as the US led FOREX scandal generates a bear market and flight to the gold exchange standard.

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