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RIM of Nations

"The Federal World"

The overall global socio-economic situation indicates the need for a stronger global governance platform. Global warming, in fact, intensifies the need for improved government cooperation because we (the global government) must provide social services while preserving our environment. Over the last several years we have watched the Western world plunder its resources with same-sex legislation. We realize that this indicates a major need for a new multi-world order that addresses our socio-economic needs. The RIM of Nations offers this platform! Currently, there is no way that the United Nations can satisfy our need for global governance with western same-sex legislation being the primary concern of its Security Council. Therefore, we present our short-term objectives which reflect our long-term leadership standards in relation to climate change:

Global Governance Objectives (thru 2020)



The RIM of Nations is a World Federation composed of the following alliances:

This is our eternal network in which we will pursue all of our objectives. We are currently working with the development of the following entities to ensure we have adequate resources available to address current and future climate change demands:

Commitment to Environment

All military research must consider climate change as a major factor involving both on and off the field studies. For this reason, global warming is our primary concern as we oversee international military operations at the RIM of Nations. This allows us to assist in setting government regulations that help preserve our environment! We are currently planning the development of the following two very unique biodiversity hotspots in Central and East Asia!

Gobi Desert Reforestation System

Caspian Sea Hydrometeorology System

These development projects are crucial to the future health and security of our planet. We look forward to providing our leadership in every aspect of improving the quality of our lives around the globe.

RIM of Nations Ministries

The RIM of Nations has six principal Ministries. They are as follows:

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Ministry of International Affairs

Ministry of Collective Security

World Congress

Ministry of International Justice

RIM of Nations Trustee Board

Ministry of Economic Development

Ministry of Environmental Change