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Our humble beginning t'was once the…

Gatekeeper of the Global War

"Now we provide the best socio-economic security with our macro-economic services from the Far East!"

Thanks for taking the necessary time to learn more about Soul Free Group. Today, we are the best source for macro-economic information because we are the primary business behind the current US bond market and debt crisis. The 2007 US sub-prime mortgage scandal combined with the September 11, 2001 attacks has propelled the US Debt/GDP ratio well-beyond its 100 percent ceiling which, in fact, no longer exists. Even more, the US is at war with North Korea over communism. A new Nuclear Arms Race has already been declared and the truth is safeguarded along the Korean DMZ!

This is a summary of how Soul Free Group organized since my six consecutive years of Army field duty on the Far East Peninsula which establishes our story! March 23, 2002 marks the day that I officially became the key person against today’s US global mission in Asia. It is the day that I arrived in South Korea. I was a US Army soldier assigned to work with the 94th Military Police Battalion at the 8th Army Confinement Facility. This was the day that I started learning up-front the important details behind current US led crimes against humanity to include first-hand information about Ukraine’s former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s political imprisonment.

Soul Free Group can be considered as today’s gatekeeper of the US War on Terror. We guarantee that the US will only fail at working with so-called terrorist organizations or US backed militia to combat communism. The US government hopes to expand same-sex marriage laws in connection with militia-led constitutional changes.

The US government can no longer disguise their weakness by providing economic and military assistance to rebel militia. They will soon reveal how they can only now depend on the dreams of their openly gay citizens who only hope for the spread of same-sex marriage laws!

Realize, gay US citizens believe they have the ability to accomplish their government’s ambitions of constitutional changes favoring same-sex laws with a boost in gay tourism. They believe they can start achieving this by using my business reputation from the six consecutive years I spent working along the DMZ with Military Police. This is because gay US citizens think that I moved to San Francisco in 2008 to support San Francisco Gay Pride. They hope that I use my experience to start a chain of Veteran Hotels as a symbol for global peace. Let’s take a close look together.

Since 2008, the US has lured many European and S. American governments into same-sex marriage laws. Actually, these laws have created an artificial demand for US bonds. Bond holders wonder about what will give these same-sex laws livelihood. Therefore, US bond holders hope to see plans of a Veteran’s Hotel from my business. Instead of helping gay tourism, I’ve launched Soul Free Group’s website targeted against these US led crimes against humanity.

There’s no need to hide the facts behind my career. US bond holders are exposed to unprecedented amounts of risk. They believe that I will build Soul Free Group to dominate the hospitality industry as I demonstrated my leadership abilities in 2008 with 1st place recognition in the annual Philip A. Connelly Food Service Competition.

The Philip A. Connelly program is a world-wide US Army Food Service competition co-sponsored by the International Food Service Executives Association (IFSEA).

The Connelly program is named in honor of Philip A. Connelly, past president of the International Food Service Executives Association (IFSEA), highly regarded as the driving force behind obtaining IFSEA sponsorship for the Department of the Army’s recognition of excellence in Army food service.

During the competition, the US Army Center of Excellence and Subsistence (ACES) staff and IFSEA evaluators travel around the world for three months to obtain first-hand knowledge and judge how Army food service personnel perform their jobs in five dining facility categories – Small Garrison, Large Garrison, and the Combat Field environment in the Active Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard.

All the finalists are judged in a number of areas including food preparation, taste, nutrition, service and sanitation. I led the 8th US Army to win 1st place in the Combat Field environment portion of the Connelly competition with the 94th Military Police Battalion in 2008.

This achievement actually placed me in the spotlight of the South Korean Defense Ministry, Chong Wa Dae and North Korean leader Kim Jung Il because of the need for reunification on the Korean Peninsula. Since 2008, South Korea has been forced to repudiate every effort the US makes to establish a permanent military presence in Asia or deal with severe consequences from regional neighbors. Actually, the US is trying to use my past achievements in 2008 to argue their case for permanent overseas bases to bolster gay tourism by manipulating the US Bond market (poor from US bonds).

In fact, US Forces Korea (USFK) leaders are held to mandatory status reports to the Korean Armed Forces concerning their wartime plans to defeat communist North Korea’s nuclear ambitions which obviously challenges US military presence. The sad truth is the US has failed moving forward with their "bond-pivot" scandal which is currently being influenced by the Dalai Lama's role to the Chinese Triad Organized Crime Network in SE Asia.

US Pivot to Asia: "Eye Got Ahead... for the European World Order" ~ The 14th Dalia Lama (aka - The YEN)

This situation makes Soul Free Group the best service oriented organization from the Far East. I abandoned the US Army in 2009 to ensure that I would lead Soul Free Group in front of the United Nations Community in San Francisco, CA with the Russian Pacific Fleet in full-ready combat over expectations of Korean Unification! Meanwhile, the transitions from soldier to CEO open several human rights advocacy opportunities.

Needless to say, since my US Army desertion in 2009, the US has failed to produce any solid plans to end the North Korean armistice. Meanwhile, a new war on drugs is now trailing behind the US military pivot to Asia. As a matter of fact, the US has only prolonged their growing FOREX debt crisis to gain a stronghold for opium trafficking with the Chinese Triad crime network. Therefore, the South Korean military must now take full command of the combat situation on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea has been able to maintain constant pressure on South Korea for a unification plan to end the armistice. A viable unification plan must involve government ownership of key businesses to avoid falling into a debt crisis.

Realize up-front that US homosexuality is the dominating issue behind their entire build-up mission in Asia and is tied up in the FOREX debt bubble. This will inevitably lead to Cold War 2 since the current FOREX debt crisis is actually related gay tourism.

While the US hides behind their FOREX debt crisis scheme, Russia is ready to claim their rights to the North American territory with the formation of the Eurasian Economic Union. Soul Free Group works closely with the Russian Federation for the Eurasian Economic Union to ensure US crimes against humanity are brought to justice with our mission in full-action!

Our mission at Soul Free Group is to ensure global prosperity by integrating our socio-economic security services with our macro-economic information services as a result of the inevitable collapse of the United States service-based economy.

The US is now dominated by homosexuality and terrorism which unleashes its crimes against humanity. Therefore, we work diligently to modernize and apply new information and communication technology. This allows society to treasure forever the social ownership of the means of production through cooperative management of the global economy. Meanwhile, the Far East Exchange provides all the necessary resources to ensure global prosperity.

The Eurasian Economic Union and the Silk Road Economic Belt creates an extraordinary boost for the global economy. Thus, Soul Free H.I.S.T.E.A.M.S. subsidiaries venture to deliver the best services in the Health, Investments, Social Development, Travel, Energy, Advocacy, Media and Self-Ownership market sectors.

Our goal at Soul Free Group is to lead the Eurasian Economic Union on the Silk Road Economic Belt from the Far East to ensure the economic progress of every nation and prevent future economic schemes which involve crimes against humanity and mass terrorism.