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Close-Ups: Silk Road Economic Belt

US Budget Crisis

Bond Market Destabilizes Western Economies


22:47 PST

SF Bay Area, CA – Excessively, the US bond market has led Western traders into utter darkness as the crypto exchange offers little value to major economic sectors including: banking and finance, energy, light and heavy industrials, utilities and the commodities market. Recently, Binance which is the American crypto currency giant announced the start of trading fiat-crypto and crypto-crypto trading pairs. Essentially, Binance has decided to offer traders new crypto currencies for pair trading as the bond market loses its luster. Furthermore, the US Federal Reserve has started a new wave of prolonged lowered interest rates in a bid to throttle US foreign containment policy.

Meanwhile, the demand for both bonds and crypto currencies is isolating Western economies as Russia, China, India, Turkey, Mexico and others continue to accelerate beyond US economic inertia. Moreover, Russia and China are offering its trading partners a new international payment system to move beyond spiraling US sanctions and trade embargoes.

Economically, the Western bond market is driving the debt/GDP ratio for many nations into dangerous levels while markets for subordinate financial products such as crypto currencies prolong economic growth. Recklessly, Binance has introduced trading crypto currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum against the Euro and British Pound. Ineffectively, Western economies continue down the monetary easing road which is reaching a dead end from war recovery in the Middle East, economic expansion in the Far East and growing geopolitical tensions world-wide against the West. Accordingly, Western nations remain very vulnerable to prudent monetary policy such as the total abandonment of the US dollar in Russia, Iran and Venezuela.