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Latin Pacific Trade Council

Socially, Latin America recognizes that organized crime, domestic and international terrorism pose as the biggest threats to our society and the global economy. Thus, over years past US-led monetary easing policies have focused the intelligence community of security and law enforcement agencies throughout Latin America on organized crimes which establishes the Latin Pacific Trade Council (LATPACT). Presently, LATPACT is headquartered in Tijuana, Mexico where the war on drugs has flattened. Militarily, the war on drugs began to intensify in 2006 when Mexico denounced drug-related violence as inner-city crimes surged in the US over drug-related addictions. Simultaneously, Mexican drug cartels began dominating the illicit wholesale market with 90% control of distribution in the US. Hence, Mexico holds a major military stronghold against organized US inner-city crimes as drug-related violence originate with drug trafficking routes into the US.

Recent Activities

Strategically, LATPACT serves as a socio-economic bond for Latin America as well as an innovator for the global economy. Politically, LATPACT has ensured stability over widespread organized crimes related to the alleged new Islamic State which the US exacerbated. Meanwhile, ongoing threats by the US in the Middle East have created major economic hurdles and challenges in Latin America and across the globe. Accordingly, information and urban warfare remain a signature of LATPACT as stabilizing the Western economy is top priority. Furthermore, LATPACT is developing new information hubs throughout Latin America to offset the impact of response time to organized crimes.

LATPACT Spotlight: Brazil’s fight against organized crimes

Importantly, Brazil is leading the promotion of a culturally enriched Latin America throughout the world with renewed attention towards the Amazon rainforest. Particularly, the Amazon rainforest is significant to Pacific Rim nations developing the Sea-Level Space Technique to alleviate global warming trends. Additionally, Brazil plays a vital role in the highly sensitive information warfare which is now raging across the entire globe. Keenly, LATPACT is scrutinizing various social networks throughout Latin America which have known links to organized crimes. Effectively, this improves the security situation and helps build a stronger economic community for the Pacific Rim.

Goals and Objectives

Astutely, LATPACT has set several goals to achieve the objective of establishing a strong Latin American economic presence along the Pacific Rim and beyond. Here are just a few of them:

  • Identify states which sponsor labor racketeering *Note: Labor racketeering sways national and international construction, mining, energy production and transportation sectors enormously.
  • Establish greater awareness of corporate crimes
  • Alleviate the international war on drugs
  • Foster a permanent role against organized crimes

Instinctively, the stated goals and objective expands LATPACT as development of the Africa South-America Pact (ASA Pact) secures past-time achievement for the distant future. Appropriately, the Global South initiative reinforces the rise in quality of life from increased security and improved awareness of organized crimes.

Africa-The Americas-Asia

Historically, African and South American relations have flourished from the tremendous opportunities explored within the culturally enriched societies. Meanwhile, innovation from economic expansion is soaring with the Global South initiative which is accelerated in LATPACT. Internationally, the Global South is an emerging economic bloc that is stimulated with growing demands in advanced technology, improved infrastructure and new innovation. Moreover, the Global South is taking a lead in public health and disease prevention as rising new world pandemics share the same trace.


Keenly, Latin America continues to blossom with opportunities for economic and social development. Firstly, the Asian-Pacific coastlines are culturally diverse which fosters demand for international trade. Secondly, Panama City, Panama has a major stronghold on the industrial, financial and service sectors of the global economy. Thirdly, LATPACT is expanding its outreach in Mexico City, Mexico in order to shoulder the thriving rich culture of Latin America. Finally, it is important that integration of our mission with the BRICS Pact, Eurasian Economic Union and Shanghai Cooperation Organization remains key.

Furthermore, massive energy projects between Mexico and Venezuela provide extraordinary opportunities in the Americas for investing in joint oil exploration. Simultaneously, relations between Mexico, Venezuela and Russia spur with trends in military research, energy and economic reform. Accordingly, LATPACT is postured for prosperous Latin American economic communities as talks of a new high-speed rail network which links North to South America develop. Likewise, stronger economic ties in Latin America with China triggers political reform as mixed economies outpace the US gig-economy. Notably, Mexico's Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) and Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) are building new infrastructures to address growing transportation, communication and environmental issues which hinder economic growth.

"1st Quarter Highlights"

Particularly, the fading war on drugs which is a product of the US opium pandemic that plague inner cities world-wide initiates a greater focus on public health from law enforcement in Latin America. Instinctly, food relief during the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico has elevated awareness for greater nutrition and flexible diets. Moreover, the war on drugs unveiled a state of stateless men living in American streets which are deteriorating the mortality rate in civil society. Whereas, drug cartels are working along side members of law enforcement agencies in Latin America to ensure a healthier approach to economic expansion. Essentially, agricultural reform rapidly alleviates the growth of drug cartels as the cultivation of coca plants loses its luster. Steadily, emphasis on land usage, public health and improved infrastructure propels Latin America beyond the restraints associated with the US opium pandemic and the confines visible from the war on drugs. Significantly, Mexico is working towards building its robust mixed economy with greater awareness on public health policies as LATPACT eliminates the footprint left from the war on drugs.

Gratefully, LATPACT is based in Tijuana, Mexico while design plans for a Naval Space Observatory in Mexico City undergo scrutiny. Tentatively, the observatory plans will be presented to the Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR) in 2021. Also, LATPACT is expected to implement socio-economic outreach at the Bank of Mexico's library which include opportunities with the Pacific Alliance. Additionally, LATPACT is accelerating with information and urban warfare as the war on drugs subside. Regionally, LATPACT will ensure that economic prosperity along the Gulf of Mexico persists through the Panama Canal.

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