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Military Alliance Program (M.A.P.)

The purpose of our Military Alliance Program (M.A.P.) is to meet the demands of Global Security and Economic Prosperity for our public civil society. Importantly, globalization demands diversified, modernized and safe arena of exchanges which meet individual needs while enforcing environmental protection and civil obedience forever! Accordingly, M.A.P. offers members of the global armed forces community a guided road map to create and manage wealth using our H.I.S.T.E.A.M.S. macro-economic services. Presently, there are several indicators which demonstrate the impact of a healthy global armed forces community such as per capita income, GDP and crime rates. Moreover, our committment with the Eurasian Economic Union, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BRICS Pact, LATPACT and the CSTO enable us to fulfill our mission.

Collective Security Treaty Organization

Civil Society

Historically, the global armed forces community has protected and defended the foundations of civil society while preserving our environment. Steadfastly, world leaders have accelerated economic prosperity with the rapid development of advanced militaries for centuries. Primarily, throughout history ideology over land usage has either resulted in peaceful communities or violent wars ridden with the spread of disease. Gradually, the road towards maintaining peaceful communities has become a hotbed for various forms of domestic terrorism. Accordingly, our M.A.P. is distinguished with the use of several growing anti-terror networks which form the framework of our Sea-Level Space Technique.

"Take the Stand Against Domestic Terrorism"

Meanwhile, we are currently addressing the current US led FOREX scandal which has ignited anarchy in many parts of the Western world. Dramatically, the US has allowed its government bailout from the 2007 housing financial crisis to end with military tensions over same-sex marriage laws and freedom of naval navigation for a shifting brotherhood of kinship towards Asia. Effectively, this prolonged use of military financial manipulation in the US is manifesting into an outbreak of domestic terror attempts to stagnate de-dollarization world-wide. Hence, we are anticipating rivalry as use of military force accelerates into Cold War 2. Accordingly, China has effectively revamped the Silk Road Economic Belt which leads to Europe from Asia. Impressively, the New Silk Road establishes a new milestone for foreign investors and entreprenuers who recognize the devastion surrounding de-dollarization. Readily, China has equipped its financial roadmap to supplement the impact of a scandalized US dollar.

Keenly, our M.A.P. has pledged an investment of 10 billion USD for CSTO members to build the framework for new state-owned Eurasian Economic Centers for each member state. Globally, we envision every nation reaching their strategic and economic objectives through joint efforts between the military and the civilian population to establish and manage wealth. Socially, the lack in adequate economic security plans is fueling the drive for domestic terrorism which remains in a dormant state in order to eventually sprout from growth on the internet. Thus, our Military Alliance Program not only serves as a life preserver for businesses in our cities and towns but it becomes a healthy economic vessel for the global economy.

Military Research

Skillfully, our hearts and souls embellish the true value of fine cultural art attractions which increase the quality of our lives! Additionally, the added attraction of Eurasian Economic Centers are possible with acceleration in military research. Actually, our M.A.P. includes business preparatory benefits which focuses on professional development for employees of state-owned enterprises. Increasingly, in-depth military research in climate control and outer space propels urban development from political integration with information exchanges which are of sound report. Economically, growth is always anticipated with great hopes of our thoroughly planned M.A.P. which integrates military research with healthy foreign relations.

Actively, our M.A.P. is engaged with bridging the gap between political reform and social change as de-dollarization settles within the shadows of military research. Politically, domestic terrorism is the biggest threat to stability along with economic stagnation from lack of foreign trade. Moreover, the raging cycle of unemployment has capsized from the COVID-19 pandemic. Patiently, we are integrating our Military Alliance Program with CSTO members to expand ongoing military research in the fields of health, economics and technology to diminish the threat of domestic terror. Appropriately, our M.A.P. ignites the demand for global economic security packages with plans for normalization in international trade as a response to growing western rings of terror. Quarterly, we showcase the progress of our Military Alliance Program with reports that cover issues with anti-terrorism.

"1st Quarter Highlights"

Instinctively, naval communications on the international race against domestic terrorism addresses the growing shout out against hatred-based Western police tactics. Frankly, police brutality in the West has left provocative scars on civil society which demands public attention. Likewise, naval communications on advanced military research allows the general public to manuever over perceived threats associated with domestic terrorism. Hence, our M.A.P. engages with internet radio to host a variety of internet broadcasts which cover an array of details on domestic terrorism. Militarily, topics range from nuclear war to volatility in oil prices and regional headlines which demand a military response. Openly, our use of internet radio with the M.A.P. diminishes the likelihood for armed militias to gain traction seeking domestic terrorism. Additionally, the M.A.P. is establishing a new interactive multi-media platform to facilitate a broader exchange of information on the internet. Publicly, the long term impact from a vibrant and secure exchange of information over the internet awaits a positive effect from addressing major socio-economic issues at an unprecedented level. Distinctively, information from in-depth military research and on its public integration is also accessible via internet broadcast.

Furthermore, new developments from ongoing military research will be made available on various internet tv channels and will be accessible to CSTO members in the not-so distant future.

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