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Century of Service

Greater Mesopotamia

Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey

De-Dollarization Years

"US attempts to salvage the European Order with new Oceania-based military coalition"

Veiling Dawn

Discreetly, information trends unlock the vast hidden secrets of war criminals seeking chaos with domestic terrorism. Instinctively, social scenarios which depict various threats to society are applied to unleash a tale of dynamic phenomena to combat domestic and international terrorism. Keenly, the cascade of social scenarios which impact our society are safeguarded throughout Greater Mesopotamia. Additionally, military alliances have integrated over various social scenarios to become more effective with meeting objectives. Socially, domestic terrorism is the biggest threat with political instability and economic inequality. Effectively, we mark a Century of Service with details of war crimes over domestic terrorism to ensure social justice and political stability.

Economically, Greater Mesopotamia is vital to global prosperity as tales of dynamic phenomena which impact political stability remain intact. Frivolously, war criminals persist with organized crime which feed the cascade of social scenarios that target domestic terrorism. Therefore, it is important in society that Greater Mesopotamia is featured in history as the battles with domestic terrorism are traced backed to trading with shekels. Politically, our society is able to treasure Earth's inheritance nature for everlasting endurance which is prominent in Greater Mesopotamia. Likewise, observing a Century of Service with Greater Mesopotamia establishes a unique bridge beyond the spiraling socio-economic threats to our society.

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Italy is the staging area for forward deployed US troops heading for the Middle East and Central Asia

Caserma Ederle, Italy

Pisa, Italy

NATO expansion into Eastern Europe depends on Italy's forward deployment

Vicenza, Italy

Livorno, Italy

The US is building-up NATO to face nuclear tensions over increasing mayhem from the US Iraqi invasion

Berlin, Germany

Dagger Complex, Germany

US aims to establish permanent military bases in Eastern Europe

Ramstein Airbase, Germany

Sembach Airbase, Germany

NATO is depending on the German economy to ward off growing nuclear tensions with Russia

Storck Barracks, Germany

Kelley Barracks, Germany

NATO is economically dismantled by US monetary easing scandal

Camp Darby, Germany

Lucius D-Clay Kaserne

US troops in Germany are iconic for the "rise of capitalism" and are fueling the FOREX bond market

Panzer Kaserne, Germany

Patch Barracks, Germany

Many European nations have retrieved their WW2 gold holdings in the US

Darmstadt, Germany

Frankfurt Rhine-Main

The US is using Germany to lead NATO expansion into Eastern Europe while sanctioning Russia over the Ukraine Crisis

Kaiserslautern, Germany

Wiesbaden, Germany

US monetary easing scandal is based upon its military expansion overseas

Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo

Ferizaj, Kosovo

Brexit enables Turkey to expand into Europe without NATO

Versailles, France

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey must demolish the malicious US-France-Israel military alliance

Ankara, Turkey

Izmir, Turkey