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"US attempts to salvage the European Order with new Oceania based military coalition"

Close-Up: Zionist Imperialism

The Strike Zone

NATO's Nuclear Strategies Cripple Western Economies


21:07 PST

SF Bay Area, CA – Feebly, the US continues leading NATO's nuclear strategies as Korean denuclearization, tensions over Iran and the abandonment of the INF with Russia overshadows Western politics. Moreover, the US trade war with China intensifies military pressure on the US. Primarily, the archaic US plans for a nuclear defense shield was intended for use against Iran and North Korea. However, years of monetary easing has created several nuclear arm races in Russia, China, Iran and India. Economically, Brexit uncertainty and mature US T-bills endangers the West as sanctions against Russia widens the gap. Ultimately, economic ambiguity from Brexit diminishes NATO's nuclear strategies and recent US military aggression.

Accordingly, France's President Emmanuel Macron stated, "It is too early to speculate on the consequences of this decision. The principles of the European Union will continue to apply, including the priority to preserve the smooth functioning of the EU, which requires a quick clarification. We cannot remain indefinitely uncertain on Brexit."

Militarily, Brexit signals a major separation of the NATO alliance. Hence, its nuclear strategy led by the US will face major resistance as the looming Brexit deadline continues to shift. Specifically, NATO's nuclear strategies aim to obscure the Islamic and Economic terror threats that it has established from Afghanistan. Futilely, NATO continues expanding uncertainty from its military build-up in Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, economic pressure continues to mount against the alliance over major infrastructure gaps, security threats and climate control.

Rules of Engagement

Israel's Crossroad

Be Advised: Annexation of Jordan Valley


21:51 PST

SF Bay Area, CA – Be advised: The rules of engagement for the period October 17 - November 16 focuses on Israel's crossroad. Politically, Israel is aligned with the Western world as annexation of the Jordan Valley reflects a greater conflict in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Militarily, the annexation of the Jordan Valley includes US infiltration with remote attacks from ISIS militia throughout the region. Accordingly, Iran continues to accelerate its nuclear program which must include new trade agreements with Turkey, Iraq and Egypt as a political solution in Yemen nears.

Brutally, the Yemen war remains over future economic cooperation on the Arabian Peninsula as the Western world drifts into economic uncertainty from Brexit. Appropriately, Major General Hossein Salami of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps stated concerning Israel's threat, "Any new war will lead to the total disappearance of this regime from the world’s political geography.”

Be advised: US military aggression against Russia, Iran and China are all associated to the denuclearization disaster in North Korea. Meanwhile, trade agreements between BRICS nations must accelerate from the impact of the US economic sanctions and trade war by abandoning use of the dollar. Keep all air, ground and naval positions ready for action.