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Development on the Yangtze River Prompts Regional Trade


22:48 PST

SF Bay Area, CA – Intensely, news of development along the Yangze River Delta has spurred sentiment for regional growth as China restore areas damaged by recent floods. Swiftly, the Jialing River which is one of the main tributaries on the Yangze River reached a rare and sudden flood peak in Chongqing. Assertively, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang emphasized ongoing work with flood control as economic momentum ignites from effective planned reconstruction efforts. Primarily, Chinese Premier Li reassured that China's annual economic growth will accelerate with development on the Yangze River Delta. Moreover, China has ensured the security of over 100 business entities while working to add nearly 9 million new urban jobs this year for flood-hit Chongqing municipality.

Additionally, Chinese President Xi Jinping, hosted a symposium on applying new integrated development along the Yangtze River Delta in Anhui Province. Adeptly, President Xi prioritized development in the key fields of integrated circuit, biomedicine and artificial intelligence which generate innovation.

Furthermore, China has launched a new pilot free trade zone to develop the Lingang area of Shanghai which expands the mouth of the Yangze River. Economically, the Lingang area elevates Shanghai's legacy as an international financial center. Meanwhile, China remains steadfast to high-quality development on the Yangze River Delta with the launch of a new optical remote-sensing satellite. Strategically, the satellite orbits as a multifunctional test satellite to expand quantum information service with development throughout the Yangze River Delta. Sensibly, China is urging for a deep understanding of the impact that the Yangze River Delta has on socio economic development in the region.

Insider: Silk Road Economic Belt

Unite: Panama City

Mexico Gears for Socio-Economic Boom


23:38 PST

SF Bay Area, CA – Steadfastly, Mexico is revitalizing both North and South America with a major shift toward socio-economic initiatives that bridge the per capita income gap. Keenly, Mexico's government has issued a circular which forbid new ties to science, society and literature organizations seeking funds for the next two years. Openly, the fading war on drugs for Mexico leaves a major opportunity in social science which has a major role on economic development. Appropriately, Mexico has designated a portion of its federal funds to accelerate economic growth from socio-economic initiatives which include: agriculture, meteorology, sociology and civil engineering.

Meanwhile, social development for both North and South America is taking front stage in Mexico as new deals are reached to guide social reform. Actively, Mexico is making progress over the COVID-19 pandemic as well from promoting the use of digital media wich impacts the environment.

Nationally, recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico has paved the road to fund digit media platforms which accelerate the use of technology to ensure air quality improves as a whole. Furthermore, Mexico has updated its National Council of Evaluation of Social Development Policy to include provisions for reducing the expense of travel and transportation. Effectively, digital media is the main platform for social reform in both North and South America which include virtual meetings from remote locations. Attractively, Mexico's Central Bank has integrated the public with market information which includes the impact from new socio-economic initiatives since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Insider: Silk Road Economic Belt

Unite: Panama City

California Wildfires Dampen Economic Recovery


05:13 PST

SF Bay Area, CA – Significantly, the California wildfires are having a bigger impact on economic recovery efforts for US western states. Tragically, over 200 wildfires have inflamed major terrority for nine different states as communities and wildlife face imminent danger. Additionally, economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic remain dismal as pressure from the US trade war weighs in the US West Coast. Moreover, wildfires in Oregon have burned over 220,000 acres which has ruined air quality for US West Coast communities. Belligerently, the California wildfires are expected to blaze through the end of the month.


Insider: Silk Road Economic Belt

Greater Indo-Europe

Belarus Uprisings Staged from the US


01:33 PST

SF Bay Area, CA – Unambiguously, long standing Beluras President Alexander Lukashenko won the nation's recent presidential election which has sparked an uprising from the opposition leader. Hastily, President Lukashenko warned the public stating, "The US is planning and directing it, and the Europeans are playing along." Insolently, the main opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya raged into Lithuania to establish a Coordination Council to counteract the election results. Moreover, NATO commanders are threatening to destabilize the region with threats to Belarus in support for the opposition. Similiarly, ongoing protest and clashes over government reform around the world indicate the role in which NATO plans to expand.

Fittingly, President Lukashenko has ensured that any military actions from NATO will result in the seizure of nearby European states which host US forces. Accordingly, Kaliningrad has been notified to deploy weapons against NATO as violent clashes over election results in Belarus are linked to NATO-based political uprisings world-wide.

Busily, Belarusian Coordination Council’s Presidium Maria Kolesnikova indicated her views stating, "currently, the government is formed by the president by violating the law." Meanwhile, President Lukashenko has appointed a new prime minister as all members of the previous cabinet keep their positions. Directly, President Lukashenko inspected military units near the border with Poland as opposition leader Tikhanovskaya answered calls from Canada, the US, Britain, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia among others. Allegedly, the violent protest were staged while voters rigged the election seeing the shift in Europe for popular reform. Idly, the US is using its Belarusian card against Russia to support a devised "Baltic-Black Sea corridor" with NATO. Presently, Belarus has been reassured that NATO troops will keep away from igniting a broader political conflict.