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Century of Service

Greater Mesopotamia

Headquarters: Baghdad, Iraq

De-Dollarization Years

"US attempts to salvage the European Order with new Oceania-based military coalition"

Veiling Dawn

Discreetly, information trends (ex - loops, scoops and rumors) unlock the vast hidden secrets of war criminals seeking chaos with domestic terrorism. Instinctively, social scenarios which depict various threats to society are applied to unleash stories of dynamic phenomena to combat domestic and international terrorism. Keenly, the cascade of social scenarios which impact our society are safeguarded throughout Greater Mesopotamia. Additionally, military alliances have integrated over various social scenarios to become more effective with meeting international law. Socially, domestic terrorism is the biggest threat with political instability and economic inequality. Effectively, we mark a Century of Service with details of war crimes over domestic terrorism to ensure social justice and political stability.

Economically, Greater Mesopotamia is vital to global prosperity as tales of dynamic phenomena which impact political stability remain intact. Frivolously, war criminals persist with organized crime which feed the cascade of social scenarios that target domestic terrorism. Therefore, it is important in society that Greater Mesopotamia is featured in history as the battles with domestic terrorism are traced backed to trading with shekels. Politically, our society is able to treasure Earth's inheritance nature for everlasting endurance which is prominent in Greater Mesopotamia. Likewise, observing a Century of Service with Greater Mesopotamia establishes a unique bridge beyond the spiraling socio-economic threats to our society.

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The US is currently undermining OPEC with bogus military missions while staging a new Opium War

Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Introduction - 2017

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

2nd Semi Annual - 2017

Saudi Arabia secures Red Sea with its naval forces

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

1st Semi Annual - 2018

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2nd Semi Annual - 2018

Camp Bucca (the birthplace of ISIS) created the blueprints for a new Opium War from ISIS expansion

Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

1st Semi Annual - 2019

Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

2nd Semi Annual - 2019

Iraq must increase pressure on unification with Kurdistan

Camp Bucca, Iraq

1st Semi Annual - 2020

Camp Fallujah, Iraq

US Forces intend on keeping troops in Iraq to maintain political influence in Saudi Arabia

Camp Taji, Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq

Iraq must bring an end to US military occupation with Turkey, Iran and Russia ties

Fallujah, Iraq

Kahn al Baghdadi, Iraq

Fighting ISIS for the long-term in Iraq reflects Saudi Arabia lacking the military muscle to lead OPEC

Mosul, Iraq

Victory Base, Iraq

Historically, Mesopotamia signals war crimes committed from US and Israel military ties

Salman Pak, Iraq

Al Asad Airbase, Iraq

US Forces are able to both supply ISIS and target dwindling militias with military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan

Umm-Qasr, Iraq

Aleppo, Syria

Israeli military aggression in Syria ignites a new regional arms race

Damascus, Syria

Homs, Syria

Kuwait suffers the most from poor Western leadership since the 2nd Iraqi invasion by US Forces

Ali Al Salem Air Base

Camp Arifan, Kuwait

Iran's nuclear program is vital for regional stability and everlasting peace

Camp Buehring, Kuwait

Kuwait City, Kuwait