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Spotlight: Hearing the Voice of the Haram

Recent ISIL territorial gains are influencing the direction of OPEC

Be advised, the United Nations and NATO are staging a new Opium War to reinforce the European World Order after over a decade of devastating wars in the Middle East. In fact, the US Opium War was politically organized by the George W. Bush administration. Let's begin our long-term coverage of the US Opium War by examining the geo-political impact of poor US leadership in Iraq using OPEC as our focus. In 2014, US troops and NATO forces supported the territorial expansion of ISIL into Iraq. Thus, we will start this discussion with Hearing the Voice of the Haram which allows us to focus on OPEC's direction in regards to the US teetering into a new Opium War.

It is now easy to see how the Bush Administration planned for the US to use Iraq (and ISIL) to control world oil markets from its War On Terror. To the West, this plan was believed to be feasible because of Saudi Arabia's long-term strategy of being a partner with the world's economic powers to ensure that a steady flow of oil supports economic expansion. Meaning, after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, the West believed that locating permanent military bases in Iraq was necessary to maintain the European World Order. Today, these military bases are being used by NATO to disguise a new Opium War after a decade of fighting ISIL for territorial expansion.

We must take a moment to hear the voices of the Hajj to understand the socio-economic threat to the region. The Hajj safeguards the beliefs of Muslims from all over the world. The historical annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia attracts millions of Muslims together for worship. In fact, income generated during the pilgrimage has historically impacted the economy of the entire Arabian Peninsula. Thus, the direction of OPEC can be easily monitored at the Haram. Meaning, we must focus our attention on Iraq's current role in OPEC with the prospect of permanent US bases in the war torn region. The events in Iraq are closely followed by Saudi Arabia especially since Iraq's government was overthrown in the US War on Terror.

Strategic Focus

Poor US leadership in Iraq forced OPEC to follow the European World Order (led by the United Nations and NATO) since the end of the War on Terror. Historically, OPEC nations have called for a new international economic order. In fact, Saddam Hussein and the Arab Ba'ath Party suggested that OPEC should push world oil prices up to help OPEC members financially which led to the 1990 Gulf War that forced fierce opposition among OPEC member states.

Oil prices reached beyond the targeted levels set by OPEC after the September 11, 2001 attacks against the US. Consequently, US troops in Iraq masterminded the ISIL threat to create oil supply disruption fears. These fears have influenced the direction of OPEC reaching a climax when oil prices plummeted in 2014. Thus, the US is using the ISIL threat in Iraq to prevent OPEC from seeking a new international economic order.

On 19 November 2007, OPEC members spoke openly about potentially moving their cash reserves away from the US dollar. Initially, OPEC members favored using the euro for cash reserves. However, the US is clueless to eliminating the ISIL threat using NATO forces. This has set off a string of isolated terrorist attacks in western Europe. Thus, we must give special attention to US support for ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

Special Attention

Again, the West has completely failed to establish democracy in Iraq. This is obvious from the recent acceleration of western same-sex marriage laws which actually uncovers the motive behind US support for ISIL in Iraq and Syria. US troops are planning to use their permanent bases in Iraq and Afghanistan to fuel endless fighting with the ISIL network. In turn, the US hopes to lead OPEC members with a bogus military mission against ISIL while introducing shale gas to those seeking energy supply refuge.

Special attention must be given to the stability of the Iraqi government which is currently perplexed by the Saudi war in Yemen. Furthermore, we must carefully monitor the US military pivot to Asia. Members of OPEC must monitoring the US War on Drugs involving the Chinese 14K Triad gang. Its significance represents the bottom line to US disputes against China in the South China Sea. The covert US military actions with ISIL is also linked to Chinese organized crime. This is the global threat of a new US Opium War. US overseas military bases are postured to expand terrorism itself following the War on Terror.

The direction of OPEC has identified the macro-economic trends of the European World Order which continue to be met with fierce opposition! These trends are easily recognized during the annual pilgrimmage to the Hajj. We will continue our coverage of the US Opium War with a discussion on Tabuk, Saudi Arabia to highlight more covert US military actions! Meanwhile, we expect Korean Unification to become the breaking point in current Western hostilities against Russia and China. In fact, the US military pivot to Asia is revealing the astonishing truth about war and homosexuality... combined it reflects senseless acts of terror!

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