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Tensions from Korean denuclearization eases Taiwan Unification

US trade war with China fuels tension in Taiwan


23:06 PST

SF Bay Area, CA – Clearly, the US trade war with China is aimed at keeping its diminishing Western influence in Asia. Moreover, the rise in communicable diseases, homosexuality and transgender soldiers on US military bases deepens the call for a new cold war. Meanwhile, China continues to eliminate economic threats posed by the strain from souring US relations world-wide. Furthermore, Chinese President Xi Jinping has outlined its clear direction forward in the friable trade war against the US. Politically, Taiwan unification is a major priority as the US continues its wreckless path of unchallenged government debt. Hence, China is moving forward with the one country, two systems format for unification with Taiwan.

Recently, the former director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council stated, “We now have greater influence across the Taiwan Strait and we are more capable than ever of leading cross-strait relations in the right direction... and achieving the peaceful reunification of China.”

Proactively, tensions from Korean denuclearization eases the Taiwan unification process as US defense capabilities diminish in the region. Economically, US trade demands to China risk major criticism as military tensions develop over the Korean denuclearization process which questions the need for US troops in the region. Undeniably, Korean denuclearization faces several issues such as: US transgender/homosexual troops, an outdated armistice, outrageous economic sanctions, political blackmail and elasped unification efforts between the North and South. Keenly, Taiwan is poised to expand its economic potential with the one country, two systems format as US military turmoil overshadows the trade war with China.