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Russia's Black Sea Fleet embodies the Caspian Sea Economic Zone (MeSo)

Nord Stream 2 ignites the Donbass War


01:32 PST

SF Bay Area, CA – Abruptly, in 2017 Poland blocked the creation of Nord Stream 2 (AG) which is a subsidiary of Gazprom. Instinctively, Nord Stream 2 began forming a consortium to expand gas pipelines from Russia to the UK overstepping Western economic, political and social disgrace. Meanwhile, in 2018 the US, UK, Ukraine, Poland and the European Council claimed that Nord Stream 2 jeopardizes Europe's overall energy security and economic stability. Hence, the Donbass War is a ongoing frontier for renewed military tensions between Russia and the West. Recently, Latvia's 1st Foreign Minister Janis Jurkans commented on future EU-Russia relations saying, "No, you know what - I think the Baltic countries and former or Eastern European countries they are looking towards Washington, and we are trying to please America Washington in all respects - in military respect, also in economic respect."

Furthermore, Russia's Black Sea Fleet which embodies the Caspian Sea Economic Zone remains in combat-ready action. Speedily, the Black Sea Fleet remains engaged with the expansion of all Nord Stream pipelines. Economically, this strengthens Russia's strategic interest which include expanding the following: Eurasian Economic Union, Silk Road & Belt, and the African Union. Critically, military actions in the Caspian Sea Economic Zone reflect tensions from the Donbass War.