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The Brahmos Cruise Missile leads new arms race

Iran nuclear deal is revamping the Taliban


22:26 PST

SF Bay Area, CA – Vigoursly, Iran continues to expand its military capabilities as the impact of US withdrawal from the nuclear deal threatens regional security. Expectedly, US troops in Afghanistan have risen as tensions over Syria flare. Furthermore, US sanctions against Iran, Russia and China reflects major geopolitical reform world-wide. Hence, the Taliban and the Afghanistan government are revamping regional tensions over the Iran nuclear deal. Importantly, Iran's military expansion in Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Pakistan creates new opportunities for the Afghanistan government to end US military occupation.

Meanwhile, Turkey continues its major military offensive in Kurdistan to eliminate the threat from Kurdish militias. Shiftily, US withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran has raised the threat from expansion of Kurdish militias in regional US-backed areas. Moreover, military hostilities with India and Pakistan accelerate actions for the Taliban and the Afghanistan government.

Recently, Russia’s presidential envoy for Afghanistan stated, "If the Taliban... joins hands with the Afghan army and police, they will eliminate [Islamic State] on Afghan soil."