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Globally, the road to economic prosperity is saturated with political, military and international events which have all had a major role in the development of our society. Environmentally, mankind has spent centuries mastering the skills required to enjoy the feasts of plenty which renews our strive to live. Socially, our society has spent the decades fostering globalization as obstacles such as: war, imbalances in trade, political sabotage, unemployment and crime ignite rift inside communities. Effectively, making the millennium a road to economic prosperity benefit leaders, entreprenuers and students with moving beyond the grips of prolonged stagnation. Hence, making the millennium a road to prosperity eliminates the urge to elevate utopian dreams with globalization.

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Politically, civil service has remained in the spotlight as issues with: per capita income, poverty, famine and human rights reflect a viscous cycle of political fall-out... stemming with national elections. Historically, the national agenda requires a form of governance to address issues regarding civil service. Appropriately, new and existing civil codes deliver a century of service in which national elections tend to address under international scrutiny. Likewise, political reform and monetary policy shapes the century of service which face domestic and international tension from rising demand for higher living standards. Internationally, democratic centralism accelerates national agenda which builds the road for a century of service.

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Camp Taji, Iraq

NATO Fuels War in Yemen

Soundly, Iraq remains the epicenter for regional military tensions over feeble tactics of enforcing international norms in NATO which fuels war in Yemen. Particularly, during the US invasion in Iraq the infamous Sunni Triangle formed which is also the birthplace for elememts from the ISIL-DAESH terrorist network that are isolated in the region. Vindictively, US troops have transformed Camp Taji near Baghdad into a haven against political activism over the Saddam era. Waywardly, the mission in NATO has evolved from Camp Taji as the Sunni Triangle marks an intense battle against a new US-backed government in Iraq. Moreover, the multi-national force in Iraq established from Baghdad support factions of militia which have raged in war for economic collapse in Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Inherently, the Sunni Triangle forms the cornerstone for widespread NATO activities which target the political will of Iraqi nationals while wielding additional military pressure from the UN security council. Accordingly, US military bases in Iraq are behind a major political firestorm which is dedicated towards the withdrawal of US troops in the nation. Immensely, several US troops and bases have rescinded over the impact from a wave of UAV attacks as the national agenda advances in Iraq. Timely, Assistant Secretary of State Joey Hood stated, "I understand that some of these militias completely disagree with what the United States is trying to do in Iraq in fighting ISIS (Daesh), but we’re asking them, we’re demanding, that they just leave us alone and we’ll leave them alone, so that we can fight this common enemy, which is ISIS."

US troops positioned along the Persian Economic Belt face grave tensions with the extension of START

Significantly, Iraq is accelerating beyond the stagnation generated from NATO military activities related to Camp Taji. Politically, Iraq is advancing with foreign policies centered on the withdrawal of US troops in the nation. Ostentatiously, remnants of ISIL are traced to US troops as momentum for an Islamic State exists for an allied zionist coalition. Ambiguously, NATO forces are escalating tensions from Israel with military exercises aimed to exploit invasive tactics over political partisan. Fittingly, anti-terror resistance groups in Iraq are expanding activities against western extremism which is vital for stability in the region. Likewise, military assistance and integration with Iran enforces the national agenda in Baghdad for recovery while NATO dwindles from Iraqi politics. Effectively, we shall maintain a strategic focus on western extremism for support with an Islamic State of Zionist rule.

Strategic Focus

Strategically, expansion of Zionism is a US military response to the outcry of Islamaphobia generated from support for an Islamic State. Barbarously, military tensions over Israel is fueling activity against NATO's multi-national coalition while Iran intervenes with expanding anti-terror networks to defeat western extremism. Graphically, western extremism has impeded on the Islamist muslim people which is a major premise in the violence instigated with al-Qaeda. Effectively, al-Qaeda is well equipped in targeting US interest in the Middle East as war in Yemen, Syria and Iraq deepen the impact of stagnation. Openly, the term "Islamic Zionist" refers to the ongoing situation in which military aid and training for western political leadership in the Middle East forms the base of an Islamic State of extremism.

Passively, NATO's multi-national coalition is transitioning into a Special Forces Task Group led from Australia to minimize attempts to thwart US military activities on Camp Taji in Iraq. Instinctively, effects with the transitioning at Camp Taji are visible as al-Qaeda branches from rising tensions in the region over western extremism. Likewise, the Special Forces Task Group is designed to apply political pressure on rivals of the NATO alliance which include the following nations: Russia, China, India, Turkey, Iran and Venezuela among others. Tactfully, al-Qaeda is shifting with regional military tensions as the war in Yemen is fueled over zionist expansion in the Middle East. Clearly, this places special attention on military developments along the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Nile River.

Special Attention

Seemingly, special attention on the expansion of al-Qaeda in Yemen has a major effect on international security as immediate threats from NATO are dwindled with assertive actions on the Red Sea. Ferociously, the Special Forces Task Group in Iraq is resulting in deeper threats to stability on the Red Sea which is a major maritime passage for international trade. Traditionally, air-defense systems for Saudi Arabia has regulated passage thru the Red Sea which is in jeopardy from advanced military strikes over the war in Yemen. Relevantly, the war in Yemen is associated with the expansion of zionism for an Islamic State which include security threats from the Red Sea.

Globally, the US is minizing the limits of the UN Security Council as military disputes are based on the emerging Indo-Pacific alliance. Adversely, the G-7 nations are in stalemate with security issues over the Red Sea.

Tenaciously, Egypt has addressed the regional climate as rising military conflicts disrupt national interests for economic stability. Meticulously, US troops in Iraq are pursuing military sabotage which has a natural response from Egypt as security for the Nile River weighs. Properly, Egypt brokered the cease-fire agreement between Israel and Palestine while providing $500 million for recovery with rebuilding Gaza. Keenly, Egypt has initiated actions to protect the Blue Nile from political fall-out over the GERD project. Importantly, the EU and Egypt are promoting strategic relations as NATO remains impetuous to regional stability. Historically, the EU is at risk of regional economic relapse in the Middle East from decades of US-led war which intensifies unity on the GERD project.

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