Special Assignment

Insider: Situation Guam


"US attempts to salvage the European Order with new Oceania-based military coalition"

Population Conversations: 174,445

Down Time Hours

Glance At NATO

In early 2018, UNITED STATES ARMY COMMANDER, GENERAL CURTIS M. SCAPARROTTI delivered the posture statement for NATO. He stated, "As our most significant trading partner, Europe is vital to promoting American prosperity. With shared history and values, Europe is also a critical partner in advancing American influence throughout the world. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) enables us to preserve peace through strength as alliance unity fundamentally deters the aggression of potential adversaries."

Moreover, General Scaparrotti said, "Russia continues to destabilize regional security and disregard international norms, which have preserved the peace in Europe since 1945. Russia seeks to change the international order, fracture NATO, and undermine U.S. leadership in order to protect its regime, re-assert dominance over its neighbors, and achieve greater influence around the globe. To achieve these ends, the Kremlin is prepared to employ the full spectrum of Russia’s power, to include forcefully using its increasingly capable military."

*Schedule of Nuclear Attack

Be advised: The specific plan of attack for Guam is sensitive due to the military tensions over denuclearization on the Far East Peninsula. Precisely, economic terrorism is the primary factor in the decision to strike Guam over deliberate support of Oceania-based nations for US crimes against humanity. Militarily, Guam is epicenter for the Five Eyes which support the economic collapse of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, India, Pakistan and China over US freedom of naval navigation claims. Accordingly, greater military tensions from the US West Coast over diminishing US-China relations initiates Episode-2 of the "Bottom Line Drills". Simultaneously, the PLA's East China Sea fleet will eliminate US military post in both South Korea and Japan with strategic actions over Episode-1 of the "Bottom Line Drills". Openly, the Five Eyes is a hinderance to recovery efforts in the war-torn Middle East. Particularly, the New Silk Road Economic Belt is threatened by Western-led economic terrorism which aims to deteriorate Asia's emerging markets with overbought US treasury bonds. Hence, development for the New Silk Road Economic Belt includes the military take-over of Guam with annihilation of the island as a whole while building a new offensive in the South China Sea towards hostile ASEAN nations.

Bottom Line Drill

Strategically, launch of the Bulava SLBM towards Guam ignites from a two-folded US military threat in which the takeover of Guam alleviates both US naval and air command in the region. Primarily, hostilities between the US and China over Taiwan prompts the nuclear strike on Guam. Importantly, any military action in Taiwan towards China readies the Guam mission. Likewise, the take-over of Guam is followed with a pivot to attack Taiwan using the indicated weapon of choice for the Taiwan mission. Assuredly, the mission in both Guam and Taiwan are heavily related as US naval threats to China are based from Guam over an Indo-Pacific alliance.


Stage 1 - Tax Badge (SIT.2)


Latitude Coordinate

Longitude Coordinate

START 2027


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 141m (Group 1)

Bulava 1

Point A: 13.616107 *29 (100kt) x6
Point B: 13.587263 *81
Point C: 13.515838 *27
Point D: 13.583432 *50
Point E: 13.565040 *83
Point F: 13.530284 *19
Point A: 144.856460 *50 (100kt) x6
Point B: 144.865575 *83
Point C: 144.823531 *35
Point D: 144.867532 *19
Point E: 144.857202 *81
Point F: 144.863853 *29
START 2027


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 179m (Group 2)

Bulava 1

Point A: 13.587776 *29 (100kt) x6
Point B: 13.581845 *81
Point C: 13.525802 *27
Point D: 13.576700 *50
Point E: 13.565112 *83
Point F: 13.560322 *19
Point A: 144.923468 *50 (100kt) x6
Point B: 144.925716 *83
Point C: 144.898811 *35
Point D: 144.931613 *19
Point E: 144.929753 *81
Point F: 144.922622 *29
START 2027


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 42m (Group 1)

Bulava 2

Point A: 13.492063 *29 (100kt) x6
Point B: 13.502498 *81
Point C: 13.492464 *27
Point D: 13.516977 *50
Point E: 13.516268 *83
Point F: 13.528723 *19
Point A: 144.805966 *50 (100kt) x6
Point B: 144.810112 *83
Point C: 144.778527 *35
Point D: 144.826849 *19
Point E: 144.840281 *81
Point F: 144.862554 *29
START 2027


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 122m (Group 2)

Bulava 2

Point A: 13.469675 *29 (100kt) x6
Point B: 13.468924 *81
Point C: 13.492396 *27
Point D: 13.467087 *50
Point E: 13.465659 *83
Point F: 13.460359 *19
Point A: 144.842111 *50 (100kt) x6
Point B: 144.839601 *83
Point C: 144.843371 *35
Point D: 144.837584 *19
Point E: 144.834837 *81
Point F: 144.834043 *29
START 2027


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 83m (Group 1)

Bulava 3

Point A: 13.486649 *29 (100kt) x6
Point B: 13.493760 *81
Point C: 13.467427 *27
Point D: 13.490040 *50
Point E: 13.499721 *83
Point F: 13.475016 *19
Point A: 144.824980 *50 (100kt) x6
Point B: 144.807985 *83
Point C: 144.797281 *35
Point D: 144.785093 *19
Point E: 144.775824 *81
Point F: 144.753036 *29
START 2027

Chalan Pago Ordot

[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 48m (Group 2)

Bulava 3

Point A: 13.441255 *29 (100kt) x6
Point B: 13.435912 *81
Point C: 13.426762 *27
Point D: 13.432906 *50
Point E: 13.439251 *83
Point F: 13.466798 *19
Point A: 144.768395 *50 (100kt) x6
Point B: 144.777836 *83
Point C: 144.789293 *35
Point D: 144.802384 *19
Point E: 144.806675 *81
Point F: 144.798950 *29
START 2027


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 8m (Group 1)

Bulava 4

Point A: 13.410566 *29 (100kt) x6
Point B: 13.456740 *81
Point C: 13.410109 *27
Point D: 13.397278 *50
Point E: 13.373731 *83
Point F: 13.354441 *19
Point A: 144.776002 *50 (100kt) x6
Point B: 144.801648 *83
Point C: 144.775033 *35
Point D: 144.769101 *19
Point E: 144.750648 *81
Point F: 144.765410 *29
START 2027

Santa Rita

[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 40m (Group 2)

Bulava 4

Point A: 13.462002 *29 (100kt) x6
Point B: 13.432315 *81
Point C: 13.440840 *27
Point D: 13.419469 *50
Point E: 13.398349 *83
Point F: 13.387244 *19
Point A: 144.690850 *50 (100kt) x6
Point B: 144.650313 *83
Point C: 144.660840 *35
Point D: 144.690207 *19
Point E: 144.673058 *81
Point F: 144.672972 *29
START 2027


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 122m (Group 1)

Bulava 5

Point A: 13.375849 *29 (100kt) x6
Point B: 13.381995 *81
Point C: 13.386366 *27
Point D: 13.353661 *50
Point E: 13.306390 *83
Point F: 13.336441 *19
Point A: 144.707813 *50 (100kt) x6
Point B: 144.658203 *83
Point C: 144.659193 *35
Point D: 144.767846 *19
Point E: 144.762525 *81
Point F: 144.716391 *29
START 2027


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 66m (Group 2)

Bulava 5

Point A: 13.295602 *29 (100kt) x6
Point B: 13.289421 *81
Point C: 13.305739 *27
Point D: 13.322832 *50
Point E: 13.339412 *83
Point F: 13.282348 *19
Point A: 144.733854 *50 (100kt) x6
Point B: 144.730592 *83
Point C: 144.761160 *35
Point D: 144.706045 *19
Point E: 144.713461 *81
Point F: 144.755061 *29


Triggering Impact: Scenario Drills

Scenario 1

The New Silk Road Economic Belt

Bottom Line Drill

Geopolitically, social injustice, rising fall-outs and civil un-rest disrupt economic prosperity as the impact of sovereign debt trickles beyond the limits of the European Order. Historically, western economic powers have flexed military build-ups against the East which has ignited infectious widespread violence over the sprout of global terror. Accordingly, the Bottom Line Drill aims to protect the will for economic prosperity in Asia as the New Silk Road Economic Belt engages the European Order which is pinned from economic malaise and politicaly rivalry. Openly, war fatigue in the West fuels rivalry in Central Asia which is the premise for ISIL and Daesh terror groups which have expanded from a diminishing European Order. Meanwhile, the US is isolated over an opium pandemic linked to the decades of war in the Middle East while posing hostile with a military pivot to Asia.

Likewise, Western expansion into Eastern Europe must be thrawrted from the Bottom Line Drill which is designed to respond to the NATO military build-up in the South China Sea. Likewise, US economic sanctions against Russia originate with military tensions from the nuclear stand-off over the Far East Peninsula. Hastily, the US has redeployed troops to Poland in order to sway world order into the pivot to Asia which ignite proxy wars over Israel. Hence, it is imperative that Episode-1 and Episode-2 also are routinely rehearsed.

Scenario 2

The African Union

Per-Day Drill

Traditionally, war crimes arise from the divisive visible roots of World War 2 which linger within Western powers. Relentlessly, the rise of capitalism has posed a major threat to social stability and economic expansion for the African Union. Similarly, in the Middle East the US war on terror symbolizes a unique episode of capitalist expansionism which is the premise for the Per-Day Drill. Fashionably, information technology is critical to successfully engage the lasting political impact of post-World War 2 war crimes which remain intense in several nations. Mainly, quantum technology and cyberwar establishes a field for anti-terror networks to pursue war criminals from the cascading episodes of inner city, domestic and terror-related violence. Internationally, the Per Day Drill intwine open data sources to front-line warfighters as war crimes diminish in Western society with the African Union. Additionally, the domestic terrorism for developing nations becomes targeted with decisive action for anti-terror networking with advanced open data sources.

Randomly, the impact from snowballing effects of various episodes of social injustice, political fall-out and international crime is alleviated from the will to develop permanent working solutions for the advancement of mankind. Assertively, crowd raids over foreign US troops have become a routine for the West and is the backbone of new international terror cells. Likewise, political motivation for economic terrorism is rooted with the US as the EU relies on Oceania for preemptive military policies at work. Strategically, it is imperative that Episode-1, Episode-2, Episode-3, Episode-4 and Episode-5 also are routinely rehearsed.

Scenario 3

The Eurasian Economic Union

Rules of Engagement Drill

Militarily, Taiwan's failure to strive for unification with China has a whimsy economic effect on the Eurasian Economic Union over expansion for the Far East Peninsula which is separated with North and South Korea. Sparsely, the US is linking an Indo-Pacific alliance to maintain an armistice and nuclear stand-off on the Far East Peninsula to stifle both China and Russia. Moreover, economic stability in Central Asia forms the foundation of the Rules of Engagement Drill which engages NATO expansionism with significant progress from lingering arms races with the US. Keenly, interactive media has highlighted mounting tensions and issues in the general public over national agendas, market sentiment and security threats which all impact the Rules of Engagement Drill. Tremendously, at the national level with smartphone technology the Rules of Engagement Drill has a tremendous impact on rising political tensions from Taiwan. Easily, global economic stagnation over security on the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait is alleviated with the rapid end to US naval navigation disputes. Significantly, the use of deadly force over Taiwan underscore futile attempts in the West to hideously sabotage China and the Eurasian Economic Union with social disorder from military tensions.

Thoroughly, NATO expansion into Eastern Europe is thrawrted from Taiwan as the Rules of Engagement Drill engages the arms race in Asia . Adversely, NATO naval aggression and US sanctions against Russia intensify a nuclear stand-off over the Far East Peninsula. Hastily, the US is redeploying troops from Germany to Poland in order to sway the entire European continent towards a US pivot to Asia over economic rift from Taiwan. Accordingly, it is imperative that Episode-2, Episode-3 and Episode-4 of the Rules of Engagement Drill also are routinely rehearsed.