Special Assignment

Insider: Situation Luxumbourg


"US attempts to salvage the European Order with new Oceania-based military coalition"

Down Time Hours

Glance At NATO

In early 2018, UNITED STATES ARMY COMMANDER, GENERAL CURTIS M. SCAPARROTTI delivered the posture statement for NATO. He stated, "As our most significant trading partner, Europe is vital to promoting American prosperity. With shared history and values, Europe is also a critical partner in advancing American influence throughout the world. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) enables us to preserve peace through strength as alliance unity fundamentally deters the aggression of potential adversaries."

Moreover, General Scaparrotti said, "Russia continues to destabilize regional security and disregard international norms, which have preserved the peace in Europe since 1945. Russia seeks to change the international order, fracture NATO, and undermine U.S. leadership in order to protect its regime, re-assert dominance over its neighbors, and achieve greater influence around the globe. To achieve these ends, the Kremlin is prepared to employ the full spectrum of Russia’s power, to include forcefully using its increasingly capable military."

*Schedule of Nuclear Attack

Be advised: The specific plan of attack for Luxumbourg is sensitive and will be posted here closer to its scheduled strike.


Stage 1 - Tax Badge (SIT.2)


Latitude Coordinate

Longitude Coordinate

Luxembourg City

[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 308m (Luxembourg)

Yars 1

Point A: 49.611621 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 51.219448 00
Belgium C: 51.054342 00
Belgium D: 50.410809 00
Belgium E: 50.632557 00
Belgium F: 50.850346 00
Point A: 6.131935 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 4.402464 00
Belgium C: 3.717424 00
Belgium D: 4.444643 00
Belgium E: 5.579666 00
Belgium F: 4.351721 00


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 289m (Luxembourg)

Yars 2

Point A: 49.500881 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 51.209348 00
Belgium C: 50.467388 00
Belgium D: 50.454241 00
Belgium E: 50.879844 00
Belgium F: 51.025876 00
Point A: 5.986093 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 3.224700 00
Belgium C: 4.871985 00
Belgium D: 3.956659 00
Belgium E: 4.700518 00
Belgium F: 4.477536 00


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 304m (Luxembourg)

Yars 3

Point A: 49.522730 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 50.937810 00
Belgium C: 50.474800 00
Belgium D: 50.819478 00
Belgium E: 50.930690 00
Belgium F: 51.155884 00
Point A: 5.888960 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 4.040952 00
Belgium C: 4.183739 00
Belgium D: 3.257726 00
Belgium E: 5.332480 00
Belgium F: 4.154441 00


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 291m (Luxembourg)

Yars 4

Point A: 49.478462 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 51.215430 00
Belgium C: 50.605648 00
Belgium D: 50.966130 00
Belgium E: 50.583883 00
Belgium F: 50.949909 00
Point A: 6.085879 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 2.928656 00
Belgium C: 3.387934 00
Belgium D: 5.502100 00
Belgium E: 5.499630 00
Belgium F: 3.129447 00


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 202m (Luxembourg)

Yars 5

Point A: 49.847802 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 50.591056 00
Belgium C: 50.745913 00
Belgium D: 51.025477 00
Belgium E: 51.047930 00
Belgium F: 51.321651 00
Point A: 6.098523 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 5.865595 00
Belgium C: 3.219291 00
Belgium D: 4.101952 00
Belgium E: 5.218620 00
Belgium F: 4.937558 00


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 195m (Luxembourg)

Yars 6

Point A: 49.867178 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 50.815725 00
Belgium C: 51.102341 00
Belgium D: 50.927251 00
Belgium E: 50.886895 00
Belgium F: 50.833639 00
Point A: 6.159563 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 5.186251 00
Belgium C: 3.994066 00
Belgium D: 4.425787 00
Belgium E: 3.423167 00
Belgium F: 4.018829 00


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 362m (Luxembourg)

Yars 7

Point A: 49.966220 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 50.406100 00
Belgium C: 51.162570 00
Belgium D: 50.849227 00
Belgium E: 50.737570 00
Belgium F: 51.130214 00
Point A: 5.932431 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 4.527860 00
Belgium C: 4.990840 00
Belgium D: 2.877939 00
Belgium E: 4.232510 00
Belgium F: 4.571509 00


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 297m (Luxembourg)

Yars 8

Point A: 49.459942 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 50.796292 00
Belgium C: 50.412180 00
Belgium D: 50.715896 00
Belgium E: 51.230419 00
Belgium F: 50.810570 00
Point A: 6.031811 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 3.121342 00
Belgium C: 4.165900 00
Belgium D: 4.612808 00
Belgium E: 5.311006 00
Belgium F: 4.936220 00


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 165m (Luxembourg)

Yars 9

Point A: 49.811413 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 50.770735 00
Belgium C: 50.871897 00
Belgium D: 50.784190 00
Belgium E: 50.665725 00
Belgium F: 50.846955 00
Point A: 6.417564 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 3.875164 00
Belgium C: 5.516716 00
Belgium D: 5.474490 00
Belgium E: 4.586812 00
Belgium F: 3.601368 00


[*ceiling floor = 40km]

Elevation: 150m (Luxembourg)

Yars 10

Point A: 49.680841 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 50.987541 00
Belgium C: 50.985996 00
Belgium D: 50.630430 00
Belgium E: 50.918079 00
Belgium F: 49.685136 00
Point A: 6.440759 *00 (LUX)
Belgium B: 3.523586 00
Belgium C: 4.836522 00
Belgium D: 3.776992 00
Belgium E: 3.213219 00
Belgium F: 5.810480 00


Triggering Impact: Scenarios

On the Scene

Scenario 1: The New Silk Road Economic Belt

The Bottom Line

Police in-justice, political fall-out and civil un-rest all interact towards threatening economic prosperity along the New Silk Road and Belt. Primarily, military intelligence is the main vessel for exposing the nature of ongoing economic threats from terrorizing the New Silk Road and Belt. Openly, war fatigue in parts of the Middle East from the demise of ISIL and ongoing US military threats require special attention on the outbreak of the US opium pandemic. Additionally, US war crimes add mounting weight towards policing regional instability with military intelligence from the war on terror. Meanwhile, political fall-out and civil un-rest are becoming familiar tactics which are associated with the US military pivot to Asia (2012).

Militarily, Western expansion into Eastern Europe must be thrawrted as sanctions against Russia stem from the nuclear stand-off on the Far East Peninsula. Hastily, the US is redeploying troops into Poland in order to sway the entire European continent towards a pivot to Asia with a military war over Azerbaijan. Hence, it is imperative that Episode-1 and Episode-2 also are routinely rehearsed.

On the Scene

Scenario 2: The African Union

The Per-Day Drill

Politically, the divisive roots which are visible from World War 2 remain a major threat to social stability and economic expansion in the African Union. Fashionably, information technology is critical to successfully engage the lasting political impact from World War 2 which remains intense in several nations. Mainly, tracking with "the Internet of Things" cliche unveils a welfare of cascading episodes of inner city, domestic and terror-related violence which leads to the spread of international terror cells. Roughly, the road for domestic terrorism diminishes over decisive action towards anti-terror networking from advanced open data sources. Randomly, the impact from snowballing effects of various episodes of social injustice, political fall-out and international crime in the African Union and beyond disappear from the will to develop permanent working solutions for the advancement of mankind.

Publicly, crowd raids from US troops have become routine in the West and is the backbone for spreading international terror cells. Likewise, political motivation for economic terrorism has rooted in the US, EU and Oceania whereby preemptive policy is at work. Accordingly, it is imperative that Episode-1, Episode-2, Episode-3, Episode-4 and Episode-5 also are routinely rehearsed.

On the Scene

Scenario 3: The Eurasian Economic Union

Rules of Engagement

Globally, Taiwan's failure to strive for unification with China has a slight economic side effect on the Eurasian Economic Union as the Far East Peninsula (separated in North and South Korea) remains in a nuclear stand-off with the US. Keenly, interactive media which highlight mounting issues in the general public over market sentiment at the national level via smartphones has a tremendous impact on rising tensions over the state of Taiwan. Easily, prolonged economic stagnation from the South China Sea to the Taiwan Strait is avoided with the demand for a rapid end of US naval navigation disputes which weigh as political sabotage to China which is intolerable.

Militarily, Western expansion into Eastern Europe must be thrawrted as sanctions against Russia stem from the nuclear stand-off on the Far East Peninsula. Hastily, the US is redeploying troops from Germany into Poland in order to sway the entire European continent towards a pivot to Asia with economic rift from Taiwan. Accordingly, it is imperative that Episode-2, Episode-3 and Episode-4 also are routinely rehearsed.