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Close-Ups: Silk Road Economic Belt

Close-Ups: Taiwan Unification

Tensions over Taiwan Focus of Trade War


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SF Bay Area, CA – Indolently, the US, Japan, India and the Philippines gathered for a “joint freedom of navigation exercise” in the South China Sea. Vehemently, China’s Foreign Ministry said it, “strongly urges the US to stop such provocative actions.”

Meanwhile, tensions in Taiwan continue to accelerate and is now a major factor for the US trade war. Eagerly, Taiwan's President Tsai stated, “There is no room for ambiguity or dodging when the ‘one country, two systems’ proposal was raised, and we must clearly state that this is not a proposal that we, who have enjoyed freedom, democracy and human rights, could accept.” Hence, US military aggression over freedom of navigation marks a breaking point in the trade war with China.