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New Cold War Era

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US Pivot Towards Asia Ignites Nuclear Tensions (INF)


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SF Bay Area, CA – Perilously, the US continues with regressive provocations over its military pivot towards Asia. Primarily, its alliance with South Korea, Japan and the Philippines is creating major socio-economic gaps which tantamount into a New Cold War era. Economically, unification on the Korean Peninsula has become a political stalemate as denuclearization issues remain divisive. Moreover, Japan's sovereign debt crisis remains hidden as short-term interest rates on the Yen escalates growing tensions in the region. Meanwhile, the US has accelerated in the Philippines with futile "freedom of navigation" disputes with China which has disrupted the global economy.

Frivolously, the US is ratcheting its military pivot to Asia with tensions from futile Indo-Pacific ties. Reportedly, China’s Joint Staff Department General Li Zuocheng stated, “If anyone wants to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese military will safeguard the national unity at all costs so as to protect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Furthermore, nuclear tensions have ignited world-wide as the US has abandoned the INF treaty, Iran Nuke Deal and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Essentially, the US military pivot towards Asia idles international trade as the US engage in political sabotage with baseless Indo-Pacific claims. Steadily, US claims of Indo-Pacific ties signals a breaking point with the trade war in China. Politically, the trade war in China is a ploy to keep Japan's sovereign debt crisis hidden. Clearly, US claims of Indo-Pacific ties from its military pivot to Asia ignites nuclear tensions over the trade war in China.